Senior League Report 23-03-2014

Post date: Mar 23, 2014 2:8:51 PM

Division 1

Champions Lions A did not have a match this week.

Whistlers C remain in 2nd position after their 4-1 win over Whistlers A. Alex Robinson defeated Phil Hunkin in 4 hard fought ends before battling past Mark Pipet, 12-10 in the 6th game. Dawn Morgan (pictured) opened with a 5 game win over Pipet and doubled her tally with a 6 game victory over Hunkin. The A side bounced back well to clinch the doubles encounter in 5 games, preventing the whitewash in the process.

Lions C continue to chase after their 5-0 whitewash of Lions D this week. Paul Hainsworth and Liam Robilliard both defeated James Rabey in 5 games and reserve Luke Bichard in straight games. The pair then combined to win the doubles in 5 games.

Whistlers B are in 4th and posted a 4-1 win this week over Ravenscroft Panthers B. Lawrence Stacey opened with a straight game win over Matt Stubbington and was required to battle hard to get past Carmen Aniceto in 7 games. Twin Joshua defeated Stubbington in 5 games, but he lost to Aniceto over the full 7 game distance. The twins won the doubles match in 7.

Lions B occupy 5th spot and they ran out 5-0 winners this week over Ravenscroft Panthers A. Phil Ogier and Jez Powell powered past reserves Ben Foote and Steve Martin without loss in either singles or doubles competition.

Division 2

Whistlers E are on the brink of retaining their division 2 crown following an 8-2 win over Ravenscroft Panthers D. Kay Chivers and Keith Opie remained unbeaten on the night as each defeated Peter Vivian, Shaun Mosley and Steve Martin. They also won the doubles over Vivian and Martin in 4 games. Len Bretel stepped in for the injured Ben Foss and added a straight game win over Martin. He lost out to Vivian in straight games and Mosley in 4 games.

Lions E are the only side still capable of catching the leaders and they were 7-3 winners this week over Whistlers F. Terry Simon starred for the victors with wins over Ian Fitchet, Sam Kershaw and Andy Lihou. Tim Le Page added further wins over Kershaw and Lihou. Terry Trustum picked up a 4 game win over Kershaw in addition to his 4 game doubles win alongside Le Page over Fitchet and Kershaw.

Division 3

St Pauls B's sizable lead continues to deteriorate as they dropped points for the 4th match in a row during their 8-2 defeat to title rivals Whistlers J in a re-arranged clash. Becks O'Keefe was emphatic during her straight game wins over Derek Carter, Brian Le Cras and Keiran Kotecha. She was backed up excellently by her junior team-mates Joseph Bourgaize and Ryan Gilson who have both improved rapidly of late. Bourgaize defeated Le Cras and Kotecha before going down to Carter 11-8 in the 5th. Gilson had a superb evening with matching 4 game wins over Carter and Kotecha, but he lost to Le Cras in 4 games. The junior pairing also secured a highly respectable 5 game doubles win over Carter and Le Cras, 13-11 the margin of victory in the decider.

The St Pauls B side made no mistake in their regular match this week as they whitewashed Whistlers H 10-0. The previously mentioned St Pauls players all defeated Ric Gale, Matthew Board and Blake Batiste in singles competition. Carter and Le Cras defeated the team of Gale and Board in a straight game doubles win.

Division 4

It was a big week for Lions L as they opened up a 3 point lead at the top courtesy of 2 important wins.

The first win came on Monday evening in a re-arranged fixture against Whistlers M, where the outcome was that of a 10-0 drubbing. Jenny Powell, Val Guilbert and Bolette Hjorth ran out winners over Alex Dekker, Connor Le Cras and Shauna Jenkins in singles matches. Powell and Hjorth won the doubles over Dekker and Jenkins in straight games.

They followed up well on Thursday with a crucial 6-4 win over Whistlers N. Guilbert, Powell and Hjorth's singles wins over Chris Mcquaige and Josh Lewis were enough to seal the 2 points. Albert Unden continues to improve at a rapid rate and his straight game wins over all Lions players evidenced this. He finished the match unbeaten as he paired with Mcquaige to win the doubles over Hjorth and Guilbert in 4 games.