League Presentations

Post date: Apr 06, 2017 5:48:33 PM

The league presentation nights were held on 5th and 13th April after the final round of matches in Doric Insurance Leagues. The trophies were presented by Doric Sarre and Martin Sarre of Doric Insurance.

The full set of photos can be found on our Flickr site

The winners were:

Division 1 winners: Lions A (Josh Butler, Ben Foss, Dan Collenette)

Division 1 runners-up: Whistlers A (Garry Dodd, Mark Pipet, Ryan Gilson)

Division 1 averages winner: Garry Dodd

Division 1 averages runner-up: Lawrence Stacey

Players' Player of the Year: Garry Dodd (Whistlers A)

Division 2 winners: Lions D (Jamie Ferbrache, Andy Gill, Ian Le Page)

Division 2 runners-up: Whistlers D (Kay Chivers, Keith Opie, Corey Brouard)

Division 2 averages winner: Jez Powell

Division 2 averages runner-up: Kay Chivers

Players' Player of the Year: Billy Ogier (Ravenscroft Panthers B)

Division 3 winners: Whistlers G (Ellis Tomlin, Tom Hagerich, Jayden Tucknott)

Division 3 runners-up: Whistlers H (Callum Gilson, Caden Brouard, Ben Sharp)

Division 3 averages winner: Ellis Tomlin

Division 3 averages runner-up: Tom Hagerich

Players' Player of the Year: Caden Brouard (Whistlers H)

Division 4 winners: Whistlers K (Shane Cotter, Joe Le Page, Andy Le Page)

Division 4 runners-up: Lions J (Graham Mallett, Janine Mallett, Derek Cave)

Division 4 averages winner: Shane Cotter

Division 4 averages runner-up: Val Guilbert

Players' Player of the Year: Jonah Ingrouille (Lions L)

Division 1 winners Lions A pictured with Martin Sarre

Division 2 winners Lions D pictured with Doric Sarre

Division 3 winners Whistlers G pictured with Martin Sarre

Division 4 winners Whistlers K pictured with Doric Sarre

Winners of Players' Player of the year - Billy Ogier, Caden Brouard & Jonah Ingrouille (Garry Dodd was unavailable for photo)