League Presentations

Post date: Sep 19, 2020 8:46:1 PM

The league presentations from the 2019-20 season were postponed from April due to COVID-19. They were held before the Divisional Championships in September. The full gallery is available on our Flickr site

Division 1

Winners: Whistlers B (Josh Stacey, Mark Pipet, Ellis Tomlin)

Runners-up: Whistlers A (Lawrence Stacey, Matt Casey, Ryan Gilson)

Averages: Josh Stacey 90%

Phil Ogier 87.7%

Division 2

Winners: Lions F (Jez Powell, Andy Ferbrache, Caden Brouard)

Runners-up: Whistlers C (Kay Chivers, Keith Opie, Ben Sharp)

Averages: Kay Chivers 95.5%

Jez Powell 95.5%

Division 3

Winners: Lions H (Brian Ferbrache, Sur Ferbrache, Jonah Ingrouille, Steve Potter)

Runners-up: Whistlers E (Becks O'Keefe, Callum Gilson, Max Burrows)

Averages: Brian Ferbrache 92%

Steve Potter 90.5%

Division 4

Winners: Whistlers G (Stuart Sarre, Darren Sarre, Matthew Board)

Runners-up: Ravenscroft Panthers E (Oscar Pearson, Tia Timms, Shelby Timms)

Averages: Oscar Pearson 91.2%

Mark Bideau & Stuart Sarre 90%