League Presentations

Post date: Apr 06, 2018 1:26:19 PM

The GTTA senior leagues came to a conclusion this week, culminating with the annual league presentation evenings.


Thanks go to Mark Windsor and Peter Vivian for the photos

The award winners were:

Division 1

Winners: Lions A (Ben Foss, Paul Hainsworth, Dan Collenette)

Runners-up: Whistlers A (Garry Dodd, Mark Pipet, Martin Sarre)

Averages winner: Garry Dodd

Runner-up: Ben Foss

Players' Player of the Year: Jamie Ferbrache

Division 2

Winners: Whistlers D (Kay Chivers, Keith Opie, Ellis Tomlin)

Runners-up: Lions E (Jez Powell, Corey Brouard, Caden Brouard)

Averages winner: Jez Powell

Runner-up: Kay Chivers

Players' Player of the Year: Billy Ogier

Division 3

Winners: St Pauls B (Brian Le Cras, John Wills, Brian Le Cras, Craig Dunning)

Runners-up: Ravenscroft Panthers D (Mick Ingrouille, Mark Windsor, Nick Windsor, David Kershaw )

Averages winner: Ben Sharp

Runner-up: Craig Dunning

Players' Player of the Year: Ben Sharp

Division 4

Winners: Lions L (Jan Priest, Rose Powell, Evan Lesbirel)

Runners-up: Lions K (Diane Le Page, James Le Tissier, Val Guilbert)

Averages winner: Jan Priest

Runner-up: Sammy Tostevin

Players' Player of the Year: Evan Lesbirel

Lions K