Deutsche Bank 4

Post date: Mar 03, 2018 9:18:16 PM

The fourth and final Deutsche Bank Junior Banded tournament was held on Saturday 3rd March.

Band 1 winner: Ben Foss

Runner-up: Billy Ogier

Band 2 winner: Callum Gilson

Runner-up: Caden Brouard

Band 3 winner: Max Burrows

Runner-up: Shelby Timms

Band 4 winner: James Crocker

Runner-up: Tia Timms

Band 5 winner: Henri Whitehorne

Runner-up: Daniel Lasenby

Band 6 winner: Jacques Bideau

Runner-up: Isaac Maurice

Player of the Day: Alex Jakubowski

Full Results

The fourth and final Deutsche Bank junior banded tournament took place last weekend with a number of strong and notable performances across the day. Band 2 was hotly contested, with Callum Gilson eventually coming out on top. It was an incredibly close affair and Gilson didn’t have it all his own way. Suffering a 3-0 loss to Amy Wesley who ultimately finished fourth left the group with little to split the players between first and fourth. Caden Brouard put in a good performance to finish as runner up. Max Burrows showcased the progress he has made this season, holding off Shelby Timms and Zaheer Anees to claim the Band 3 title. Timms and Anees had a hard-fought battle for second place, with Timms edging out Anees in 4 sets. Band 4 saw James Crocker demonstrate why he will be playing in higher bands next season, putting together an assured performance to claim the title with relative ease. Tia Timms also had a solid day, with her loss to Crocker being her only loss on the day. Henri Whitehorn swept all before him, only dropping one set on his way to the band 5 title. Daniel Lasenby took second place with a strong performance in which he only lost to Whitehorn. Young Alex Jakubowski from Alderney was awarded player of the day for her efforts. Jacques Bideau was undefeated on his way to the band 6 title, though he faced stern opposition from Ridunians Isaac Maurice and Grace Milan who finished second and third respectively. Band 1 saw a shock with Billy Ogier putting in a strong performance to finish second. This was in part due to the fine performance from Ryan Gilson who thwarted Dan Collenette’s ambitions with a surprising 3-0 victory which elevated Gilson up to third and relegated Collenette to fourth. Ben Foss ultimately prevailed, claiming the title, in a closely fought match with Ogier.

The medallists (pictures courtesy Martin Sarre)