CI Open Top 12

Post date: Jan 26, 2020 2:36:9 PM

Josh Stacey has won the Channel Islands Open Top 12 event, which was held in Jersey on Saturday. On a good day for the Guernsey players, 5 of the top 7 were Sarnians including Paul Hainsworth who finished in an excellent 3rd place, losing out to Mariusz Cieminski on countback.

Report courtesy Guernsey Press:

Resuming his campaign from an unbeaten run on local soil last month, Guernsey’s top seed generally made short work of the Jersey opposition at the Geoff Reed Centre, though one determined opponent foiled his chances of a clean sweep. A three-set loss to second Jersey seed Mariusz Cieminski stood out as the sole significant blemish on Stacey’s record.

Stacey, who won his other 10 matches and often in straightforward fashion, owed no small part of his eventual success to an excellent scalp for Phil Ogier. The Guernsey veteran had earlier edged a five-set thriller to cap the in-form Cieminski’s winning tally at nine, with the visitors ultimately holding the superior presence on the results table.

Guernsey sealed five of the top-seven spots as Paul Hainsworth upset the pecking order for third and Ben Foss, Ogier and Lawrence Stacey followed suit. Star Jersey junior Leon Pierre interrupted this run at fifth overall.

‘It’s a great feeling to be able to win this event, as I have finished second in the past and this was the best opportunity I have had to win it,’ said a victorious Stacey.

‘There were some really tough matches in both the qualifier and the Channel Islands event, but I managed to win the matches I needed to and felt like I played well enough over both days to come out on top. ‘The tournament was really good for Guernsey overall ... there were some key wins from our players against Jersey’s top players that really helped me out.’

Final standings:

1. J Stacey

2. M Cieminski

3. P Hainsworth

4. B Foss

5. L Pierre

6. P Ogier

7. L Stacey

8. J Mills

9. A Sutherland

10. M Casey

11. H Silcock

12. G Frankowski