Capelles Handicap Tournaments

Post date: Jan 09, 2019 6:53:36 PM

Two enjoyable handicap tournaments took place this week - the Capelles Handicap Doubles and the Capelles Handicap Ladies Singles.

Capelles Handicap Doubles

Popular winners of the Handicap Doubles were Paula Le Ber, and her young partner Erin Vaudin who joyfully received the trophy on behalf of the pair at the end of Monday evening.

Kay Chivers and Paula Le Ber with Ian Fitchet

Ladies Handicap Singles Results

The Capelles Handicap Doubles tournament is partner drawn to balance out individual abilities - as players from different divisions pair up.

It enabled young players like Jayden Tucknott from Division 4 to partner a first division player of the quality of Joshua Stacey, while Erin was partnered by one of the islands’ most naturally gifted players - Paula Le Ber - a second division player whose lightening backhand skills sit very well at home in Division One where she subs from time to time.

In the event both Tucknott and Vaudin played a full and positive part in their respective partnerships’ route to the semi finals, playing good support to their more illustrious partners with well disciplined games and not being afraid to attack when the opportunity arose.

However the semi-final was where Stacey and Tucknott bowed out to the pairing of Ryan Gilson and Ben Foote (respectively first and second division players) whose plus 6 handicap proved too much to overcome.

Gilson and Foote who had put out Mike Ingrouille and Steve Potter in the quarter final went on to the final where the tables were turned. With + 8 points in favour of Le Ber and Vaudin the match was beyond their reach. After an enjoyable tournament they lost to Le Ber and Vaudin: 21 - 13; 21 - 15.

Handicap Doubles Results

Capelles Ladies Handicap singles

Only five women entered the Capelles Ladies Handicap Singles tournament and as there were not enough players to go to a knock out stage it was run on a simple league system.

Evergreen Kay Chivers still one of the quickest close to the table players in the GTTA Leagues, picked up the trophy with a 100% record, winning all four of her games. Paula Le Ber and Erin Vaudin placed second and third respectively, with Val Guilbert and Juliette Yeaman bringing up the final two positions.