Capelles Handicap Tournaments

Post date: Jan 09, 2018 9:41:26 PM

Corey Brouard and Shaun Mosley won the first tournament of 2018 with victory in the Capelles Open Handicap Doubles. With doubles partners being randomly drawn, the Lions-Panthers pairing of Brouard and Mosley came from behind to beat Peter Vivian and Albert Unden by 2 games to 1 in the final. Brouard and Mosley had beaten Dan Collenette and Derek Cave in the first semi-final while Vivian and Unden came through a long semi-final against Ryan Bichard and Ben Foote, eventually prevailing 2-1.

Kay Chivers won the Capelles Ladies Handicap Singles title on Tuesday night, beating Juliette Yeaman 22-20 in the final game to claim her 7th title, which she last won in 2016.

Handicap Doubles Results

Ladies Handicap Singles Results

Shaun Mosley, Corey Brouard, Ian Fitchet & Juliette Yeaman