19-04-2013 Maurice Le Page

Post date: Apr 19, 2013 1:39:24 PM

The Guernsey Table Tennis Association is sad to announce the death of Maurice Le Page who passed away peacefully on Wednesday 17th April, aged 83.

Maurice joined the Association in 1945 and played league table tennis continuously until 2008. He was 16 years old when he joined his first table tennis club named Town Church. His two team mates were Bert Enevoldsen and Ray Langmead.

Maurice first won the 1st division league in 1962 with Ron Marquis and Mickey Fustic. He won the Island Men's Singles in 1957 and the Mixed Doubles with Betty Minier in 1955, this proved to be a good doubles combination as Maurice and Betty married two years later. They spent their honeymoon in Jersey at "the Channel Island Championships" (we are pleased he got his priorities in the right order).

Maurice was Island and Channel Island Veterans Champion in 1970 and won the Men's Doubles on six occasions, once with Peter Powell and five times with Dave Gaudion. He Represented Guernsey in the 'Green Trophy' team five times. His first 'Green' was in 1954 and was the first match won by Guernsey after the Second World War, the other team members were Johnny Richer, Bill Smale and Dave Gaudion, Guernsey won 6-4. Maurice played in the World Championships in 1954 held in Utrecht in Holland. He played in exhibition matches against Johnny Leach, Jack Carrington, World Champion Richard Bergmann and the famous Rowe Twins.

There were many clubs affiliated to the G.T.T.A when Maurice joined, such as Les Camp, Vale Recreation, Cycling Club, Imperial and Corinthians to name but a few and Maurice used to cycle to his league matches from St Andrews. Maurice served the Association on the Senior Selection Committee on many occasions.