02-04-2012 World Championships

Post date: Apr 02, 2012 5:27:58 PM

Guernsey’s Men are expected to have gained promotion to the 4th division when the event is next held in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. They received a walkover in their final match against Togo which placed them in a respectable 101st position out of the 120 competing teams. Garry Dodd had a top class tournament and went the duration without tasting defeat.

The Women also experienced an excellent finish to their tournament as they defeated Qatar 3-2. Alice Loveridge has spearheaded the Women’s charge at the Championships and she mirrored Dodd’s feat of going through the entire tournament unbeaten. In this encounter she powered past Maha Faramarzi and Aia Mohamed without dropping a leg. Beth Priest lost to the Qatar number 3 and Dawn Morgan lost the opening encounter against Qatar number 1 Mohamed 3-1. This left it down to Morgan against Faramarzi and the experienced Guernsey player put in one of her best performances of the tournament via a comfortable straight game victory.

The win meant the Sarnian Women finished in 83rd position out of 92 teams.

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