GTTA Officials

from 26th July 2021

Executive Committee

President: Derek Webb MBE

Vice President: Lionel Jones

General Secretary: Ben Foote

Treasurer: Keith Opie

League Secretary: Mark Pipet

Tournament Secretary: Andy Gill

Management Committee

Ian Fitchet, Bridget Foss, Paul Hainsworth,

Brian Le Cras, Becks O'Keefe, Peter Vivian, Christine Webb

Development Officer

Becks O'Keefe

Chairman of Umpires

Brian Le Cras

Welfare Officer

Paula Le Ber

Honorary Accountants

Andrew Gill, Jamie Ferbrache

Senior Selection Committee

Maurice James (Chairman)

Lionel Jones, Phil Ogier, Keith Opie, Jez Powell

Junior Selection Committee

Paul Hainsworth (Chairman)

Brian Ferbrache, Ben Foote, Paula Le Ber, Becks O'Keefe

Honorary Vice Presidents (Non voting)

Peter Dean

Ken Falla

Peter Powell


Richard McMahon, Bailiff of Guernsey