Butterfield Junior Banded Tournaments

Butterfield Tournament - 10th July 2021
Band 1 Winner:  Oskar Cleal             Runner-up: Morgan Mountford
Band 2 Winner:  Luke Evans             Runner-up: Bayley Crosland
Band 3 Winner:  Indy Tostevin          Runner-up: Alex Lasenby
Band 4 Winner:  Daniel Martin          Runner-up: Samuel Cox

Player of the Day: James Merrien

Butterfield Tournament #4 - 7th March 2020

Band 1 Winner:  Ben Sharp             Runner-up: Marli Barker
Band 2 Winner:  Alex Paul               Runner-up: Huxley Le Conte
Band 3 Winner:  Tom Syer               Runner-up: Oskar Cleal
Band 4 Winner:  Xavier Ingrouille     Runner-up: Remi Tomlin

Players of the Day: Aleks Jakubowska & Alex Hutchinson

The fourth and final Butterfield Junior Banded Tournament attracted a good entry, despite some regular players being unavailable due to other sporting commitments.

Band 1 showed a repeat of the last tournament as Ben Sharp narrowly pipped Ridunian Marli Barker to top spot. Barker was in superb form, only losing to Sharp and senior league team-mate Melissa Johns in taking second place. This included an excellent win over Caden Brouard who had to settle for third place. The head-to-head between Barker and Brouard was particularly eye-catching, with some terrific rallies between the two attacking players. Untimately it was Barker who triumphed 11-8, 11-7 to claim the runner-up prize.

Alex Paul had been unlucky to finish in 3rd place on countback in the last two events and was extra determined to close off the last Butterfield tournament of the season on a high. He did that in style by taking the Band 2 title, winning all his matches without even dropping an end. This included an impressive 11-8, 11-1 win over 2nd placed Huxley Le Conte.

Band 3 contained many of the players who will be representing Guernsey in the forthcoming Primary Schools International in Cardiff in April. Alderney’s Tom Syer was in good form on the day and took the title, ahead of fellow under-11 Oskar Cleal. Syer didn’t have it all his own way though as he was defeated by the ever-improving Cameron Powell.
Xavier Ingrouille has come on leaps and bounds in his first season in table tennis and showed this by taking the honours in Band 4 with an unbeaten round of matches. He was closely followed by Remi Tomlin in second place.

The Player of the Day award proved to be a difficult pick with many impressive performances and good sportsmanship shown amongst the players. This time it was awarded to two players, firstly Alderney’s Aleks Jakubowska, another Primary Schools player, who performed excellently in a tough Band 2 and always plays with a smile. Also awarded a trophy was Alex Hutchinson who showed great concentration and shot selection to compete in Band 3. 

Well done to all the players, thanks to all the volunteers who helped to run the tournament and also to Butterfield for their sponsorship of table tennis development in Guernsey.
                     Players of the day with Derek Carter

Butterfield Tournament #3 - 1st February 2020

Band 1 Winner:  Ben Sharp                 Runner-up: Caden Brouard
Band 2 Winner:  Huxley Le Conte        Runner-up: Hollie Jenkins
Band 3 Winner:  Sian Craig                 Runner-up: Grace Milan
Band 4 Winner:  Tom Syer                  Runner-up: Cameron Powell
Band 5 Winner:  Albie Lihou                Runner-up: Indy Tostevin
Band 6 Winner:  Harrison Le Page       Runner-up: Libby Ferbrache

Player of the Day: Jake Hardill


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Butterfield Tournament #2 - 16th November 2019

Band 1 Winner:  Ellis Tomlin             Runner-up: Caden Brouard
Band 2 Winner:  James Crocker        Runner-up: Erin Vaudin
Band 3 Winner:  Huxley Le Conte      Runner-up: Oskar Cleal
Band 4 Winner:  Emily Gavey            Runner-up: Caitlin Jouhning

Player of the Day: Jacques Bideau

Despite Alderney having to miss out due to the unavailability of return flights, 28 juniors took part in the 2nd Butterfield Banded Tournament on Saturday. The players are all banded into groups to even up the standards which provides some good competitive matches. 

In Band 1, Ellis Tomlin took the title despite some hard fought matches from his five opponents. Runner-up went to the fast improving Caden Brouard and despite losing to Tomlin 3 – 0, Brouard only lost narrowly 8-11, 10-12, 9-11 

In Band 2 it was quick thinker on the table James Crocker that took the honours having beaten the in-form junior girl Erin Vaudin 3 -2. Crocker was 2 – 0 down to Vaudin and fought back with some booming forehands and took the final 3 sets, 11-7, 11-9, 12-10. 

The title in Band 3 went to newcomer Huxley Le Conte, with the runner up spot being claimed by 10 year old Oskar Cleal. 

Band 4 saw fast-improving Emily Gavey come out on top and runner-up spot went on countback with 3 players all winning 5 matches each. Eventually it was 11 year old Caitlin Jouhning who pipped the other two to take second place. This band was extremely close with many of the players all beating each other. 

Player of the day is awarded to a competitor who shows good sportsmanship and playing at their best but not necessarily winning a Band. This was an especially hard decision for the coaching team and ultimately it was decided that it would be presented to Jacques Bideau for his great attitude, despite playing a band higher than he is used to.

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Butterfield Tournament #1 - 5th October 2019

Round 1 in the series of Junior Butterfield Banded table tennis tournaments got off to a start at the weekend. 42 different junior players took part in the first of four such tournaments this season with 5 bands of 8 or 10 players in their new maroon shirts courtesy of Butterfield, whio recently signed as GTTA Development sponsor. It turned out to be an all bright day at the table tennis centre with some promising performances showing that the current crop of young players has real potential.

In Band 1, the title went to Ellis Tomlin and runner up spot went to Ben Sharp, Tomlin beat Sharp 2-0 (11-6, 11-9) with some long, high speed rallies.

In Band 2 Jayden Tucknott finished the event undefeated dropping only two sets, one each by the fast-improving sisters Shelby and Tia Timms. Runner up was Erin Vaudin who narrowly lost to Jayden 11-9 in the second set.

Band 3 saw another fast-improving young junior from Alderney in 10 year old Sian Craig, who was excellent on the day and come out on top with second place going to Jacques Bideau.

The title in Band 4 went to Tom Syer from Alderney with some narrow and hard-fought wins over the other players in his band. Second place went to newcomer Oskar Cleal, whose confidence got better and better with every game he played and worked hard for his runner up spot.

Band 5 saw the emergence of another new star from Alderney, Heidi Dawber. Winning all her matches and taking the title and runner up spot went to Xavier Ingrouille

Player of the Day is awarded for good sportsmanship on and off the table throughout the tournament and this time it went to Gabriel Jouhning.

The tournament had some exceptional matches on show on all 12 tables during the day and many of the 5 bands matches going to the wire. 

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Band 1 Winner:  Ellis Tomlin             Runner-up: Ben Sharp
Band 2 Winner:  Jayden Tucknott      Runner-up: Erin Vaudin
Band 3 Winner:  Sian Craig               Runner-up: Jacques Bideau
Band 4 Winner:  Tom Syer                Runner-up: Oskar Cleal
Band 5 Winner:  Heidi Dawber          Runner-up: Xavier Ingrouille

Player of the Day: Gabriel Jouhning

The players (pictures courtesy Martin Sarre)