Junior & Cadet 6 Nations 2014

It is our great pleasure to host the 33rd Junior & Cadet Six Nations in Guernsey. We hope that all will enjoy the next three days of competition in our company. 

We are pleased to greet old friends and new friends.

Guernsey is known for its friendliness and hospitality so of course we look forward to making new friends and hope that they, along with the old ones, leave, wanting to return.

My thanks to Deutsche Bank and Sports Guernsey who have kindly sponsored this event and especially to those members of the association who have worked long and hard organising this tournament.  There is nothing left for me to say other than, let play commence and the very best of luck to all the competitors.

Derek Webb, President of the Guernsey Table Tennis Association.

We will be uploading results on this page and intend to stream some matches throughout the tournament

Competitors     Schedule     Programme     Photos updated 16th

Individual Events

Cadet Girls All Results     Cadet Boys All  Results

Junior Girls All Results     Juniors Boys All Results

You Tube: Knockout Stages

Team Events

Session 1

Cadet Girls     Cadet Boys    Junior Girls     Juniors Boys

Session 2

You Tube: Junior Girls - Ireland v Guernsey

Cadet Girls     Cadet Boys    Junior Girls     Juniors Boys

Session 3

You Tube: Cadet Boys- Ireland v Isle of Man

Cadet Girls     Cadet Boys    Junior Girls     Juniors Boys

Session 4

You Tube: Junior Boys - Guernsey v Isle of Man

Cadet Girls     Cadet Boys    Junior Girls     Juniors Boys

Session 5

You Tube: Cadet Girls - Scotland B v Scotland

Cadet Girls     Cadet Boys    Junior Girls     Juniors Boys

Cadet Girls Table     Cadet Boys Table    Junior Girls Table     Juniors Boys Table