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Butterfield Banded Tournament 3

posted 2 Feb 2020, 13:18 by GTTA   [ updated 16 Feb 2020, 07:40 ]
Third Junior Butterfield Banded Tournament

The third round of the Butterfield Junior Banded Tournaments took place over the weekend.  Full report to follow.
Thanks to the volunteers on the day for their help and also to Butterfield for their generous sponsorship

Results   |   Photos  

Band 1 Winner:  Ben Sharp                 Runner-up: Caden Brouard
Band 2 Winner:  Huxley Le Conte        Runner-up: Hollie Jenkins
Band 3 Winner:  Sian Craig                 Runner-up: Grace Milan
Band 4 Winner:  Tom Syer                  Runner-up: Cameron Powell
Band 5 Winner:  Albie Lihou                Runner-up: Indy Tostevin
Band 6 Winner:  Harrison Le Page       Runner-up: Libby Ferbrache

Player of the Day: Jake Hardill