Island Games

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Team Event - Garry Dodd, Lawrence Stacey, Joshua Stacey, Ben Foss, Dawn Morgan, Paula Le Ber, Samantha Kershaw, Daisy Kershaw
Men's Singles - Garry Dodd
Women's Doubles - Dawn Morgan, Paula Le Ber
Women's Singles - Dawn Morgan
Men's Doubles - Garry Dodd, Ben Foss
Mixed Doubles - Garry Dodd, Dawn Morgan

Once again a massive congratulations to the team for achieving team gold for the 4th Island Games in a row. Also, to all of the individual medallists

Day 6  
Garry Dodd won the silver medal after a 4-2 defeat to Greenland's excellent Ivik Nielsen.  Earlier he had beaten Isle of Wight's George Downing 4-1 in the semi-final, while Nielsen had knocked out Jersey's top seed Jordan Wykes on the adjacent table

Dawn Morgan almost made a brilliant comeback from 3-0 and 10-8 down against Karlinannguaq Lundblad from Greenland, but eventually  missed out 11-9 in the 7th game.

Garry Dodd & Ben Foss have claimed a bronze medal after the narrowest of defeats in their semi final by the Nielsen brothers from Greenland

So close for Paula and Dawn in the women’s doubles final. They received silver after losing out to Gotland in the 5th set 6-11. A massive well done to them both. In the morning session they had beaten Kerenza Baker & Katherine Vinas from Isle of Man.

Garry Dodd & Dawn Morgan narrowly missed out on their chance in the mixed doubles semi-final, they were defeated 11-9 in the 5th set by Aland’s Marina Donner and Johan Pettersson.

Day 5  
There are a tasty set of quarter finals in store as all 3 remaining Guernsey players progressed with impressive 4-0 victories in the Round of 16. In the Round of 32, Josh Stacey produced an excellent win against Greenland's dangerous Aqqalu Nielsen, coming back from 3-1 down to win 11-9 in the 7th game. Ben Foss was beaten by Joan Bibiloni from Menorca.

Dawn Morgan is the sole Guernsey participant left in this event after tough matches for Sam and Daisy Kershaw ended in defeat. Daisy fell at the hands of Jersey's experienced ay Lefebvre, while Sam fought well against Aland's Island Games stalwart Marina Donner. Dawn had a comfortable 4-0 win against Faroese Rakul Mikkjalsdottir.
Earlier, Sam Kershaw beat Shetland's Alison Laurenson 4-0, but Paula Le Ber was knocked out by Rakul Mikkjalsdóttir from Faroe Islands. Dawn Morgan and Daisy Kershaw had received byes to the Round of 16

Garry Dodd and Ben Foss booked themselves a semi-final spot with a comprehensive win over Cayman's Wayne Alexander and regular Guernsey visitor Leigh Hipkins. In the previous round they inflicted a 3-0 defeat on Jersey's Tyler Gosselin & Jack Mills.

In an all-Guernsey affair, it is Dawn Morgan & Paula Le Ber who progress, with a 3-0 win over the mother-daughter combination on Sam & Daisy Kershaw

Garry Dodd & Dawn Morgan are safely through to the semi finals after a 3-0 win over a Menorcan pair followed by a 3-0 win over A Nielsen & K Lundblad of Greenland. Josh Stacey & Sam Kershaw narrowly lost to Frodi Jensen & Anna Mikkjalsdóttir 3-2 in the quarter finals

Day 4  
It was a successful day in the Singles events this morning as all 8 Guernsey players progressed through their group to the knockout phase.
Garry Dodd, Lawrence Stacey and Ben Foss won their respective groups while Josh Stacey was runner-up after defeat to Antoni Morente of Menorca.

In the Women's, Dawn Morgan topped Group 3, while Paula Le Ber, Sam Kershaw and Daisy Kershaw progressed as runners-up in their groups.

In the Doubles events, Garry Dodd & Ben Foss are safely through to the knockout although Josh and Lawrence Stacey agonisingly went out on points countback, finishing 3rd in their group.  Both Women's pairs qualified, although Paula Le Ber & Dawn Morgan were pushed all the way to deuce in the 5th by the strong Greenland pairing of Lundblad & Serubabelsen P.

Three of the four Mixed Doubles partnerships are still involved, with only Ben Foss & Daisy Kershaw not progressing, again narrowly on countback.

Day 3
Gold for Guernsey! A 4-2 win against the old rivals clinched a 4th consecutive gold medal in the team event, a record now stretching back to 2011. 

Guernsey 4 - 2 Jersey
Tuesday 9th July 2019 10:00

Garry Dodd 3 - 1 Luc Miller
8-11, 11-3, 11-4, 11-8

Lawrence Stacey 0 - 3 Jordan Wykes
7-11, 14-16, 5-11

Garry Dodd 2 - 3 Jordan Wykes
11-8, 9-11, 3-11, 13-11, 7-11

Dawn Morgan 3 - 0 Kay Lefebvre
13-11, 12-10, 11-9

Paula Le Ber / Dawn Morgan 3 - 0 Kay Lefebvre / Irene Bree
11-7, 11-4, 11-8

Dawn Morgan / Garry Dodd 3 - 0 Jordan Wykes / Kay Lefebvre
11-4, 11-6, 11-8

Day 2
Guernsey are into the final!
A quarter final victory over the Isle of Wight and semi-final win over Gotland means that Guernsey will play Jersey for the gold medal tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Semi Final
Guernsey 4 - 1 Gotland
Monday 8th July 2019 13:00

Lawrence Stacey 3 - 2 Max Hedbom
5-11, 11-5, 7-11, 11-5, 11-5

Garry Dodd 3 - 1 Marcus Jarfjord
11-9, 11-5, 5-11, 11-9

Garry Dodd 3 - 2 Max Hedbom
3-11, 11-6, 11-9, 4-11, 11-9

Dawn Morgan 3 - 1 Evelina Carlsson
7-11, 11-7, 15-13, 11-3

Dawn Morgan / Paula Le Ber 1 - 3 Evelina Carlsson / Elin Schwartz
11-9, 7-11, 16-18, 9-11

Quarter Final
Guernsey 4 - 2 Isle of Wight
Monday 8th July 2019 10:00

Lawrence Stacey 0 - 3 George Downing
6- 1, 12-14, 9- 1

Garry Dodd 3 - 0 Simon Proffitt
11-3, 11-6, 11-6

Garry Dodd 3 - 1 George Downing
6-11, 11-8, 11-1, 11-8

Dawn Morgan 0 - 3 Temeesha Hobbs
11-13, 1-11, 7-11

Dawn Morgan / Paula Le Ber 3 - 1 Temeesha Hobbs / Anna Joyce
9-11, 11-7, 11-8, 12-10

Dawn Morgan / Garry Dodd 3 - 1 Temeesha Hobbs / George Downing
11-8, 7-11, 11-6, 11-8

Day 1
Guernsey got off to a great start with 7-0 wins over Menorca and the Isle of Man to ensure that they topped Group A to progress to the quarter finals of the team event

Team     Played Won Lost For Against Points
Guernsey     2         2 0 14 0         4
Menorca     2         1 1 4 10         3
Isle of Man    2         0 2 3 11         2

Guernsey  7 - 0  Menorca
Sunday 7th July 2019 10:00

Lawrence Stacey 3 - 0 Joan Bibiloni
11-5, 13 -11, 11 - 9

Garry Dodd 3 - 0 Antoni Morente
11 - 8, 11 - 7, 11 - 8

Garry Dodd 3 - 1 Joan Bibiloni
11 - 5, 12 - 10, 11 - 13, 11 - 7

Lawrence Stacey 3 - 1 Antoni Morente
13 - 11, 11 - 8, 10 - 12, 11 - 6

Dawn Morgan 3 - 0 Maria Montserrat Subirats
11 - 0, 11 - 5, 11 - 2

Dawn Morgan / Paula Le Ber 3 - 1 Margarida Francina Mir / Maria Montserrat Subirats
11 - 5, 12 - 10, 11 - 13, 11 - 7

Benjamin Foss / Daisy Kershaw 3 - 2 Antoni Morente / Maria Montserrat Subirats
7 - 11, 11 - 9, 6 - 11, 11 - 7, 11 - 8

Guernsey 7 - 0 Isle of Man
Sunday 7th July 2019 17:00

Garry Dodd 3 - 0 Christopher Holmes
11-6, 11-2, 11-4

Lawrence Stacey 3 - 0 Scott Lewis
11-5, 11-9, 11-7

Garry Dodd 3 - 0 Scott Lewis
11-5, 11-4, 11-9

Lawrence Stacey 3 - 0 Christopher Holmes
11-4, 11-4, 11-7

Dawn Morgan 3 -  1 Katherine Vinas
9-11, 11-6, 11-6, 11-7

Paula Le Ber / Dawn Morgan 3 - 0 Kerenza Baker / Katherine Vinas
11-4, 11-3, 11-5

Joshua Stacey / Samantha Kershaw 3 - 0 Scott Lewis / Katherine Vinas
11-5, 16-14, 11-9

Specsavers Youth Games

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After 3 weeks of coaching, 18 children from various island schools came together to represent their districts in the Specsavers Youth Games table tennis event on Saturday 15th June.

Team West narrowly pipped St Peter Port to the title, while St Sampson's won the Fair Play award. Thanks to the coaches and volunteers for their help.

Results   |   Photos

Senior Schools Selection

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The GTTA Junior Selection Committee have selected the following players to represent the island in the upcoming Senior Schools International: 

Under 18 Boys A: Ben Foss, Dan Collenette

Under 18 Boys B: Ryan Bichard, Matthew Casey
Under 18 Girls: Leah Moore, Tia Timms
Under 16 Boys A: Corey Brouard, Caden Brouard 
Under 16 Boys B: Callum Gilson, Jonah Ingrouille

Under 16 Girls A: Amy Wesley, Melissa Johns  
Under 16 Girls B: Marli Barker, Erin Vaudin

Under 14 Boys A: Ben Sharp, James Crocker 
Under 14 Boys B: Jayden Tucknott, Evan Lesbirel

Under 14 Girls A: Shelby Timms, Megan Simonet 
Under 14 Girls B: Courtney Benfield,  Hollie Jenkins                                         Four of the players selected for the tournament                 

The tournament is being hosted in Guernsey this year, with visiting teams from England Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Jersey and the Isle of Man, between Friday 28th and Sunday 30th June.

Mark J Kilby Hard Bat Tournament

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Paul Hainsworth’s decade of dominance in the annual Mark J Kilby Memorial Hard Bat Trophy tournament culminated with his 9th win in the past 10 years on Monday evening when he overcame 2019 Island Games player Joshua Stacey in straight sets in the final.

Hainsworth’s only defeat in this event came in the 2015 event where he was beaten by the leading player in the Channel Islands, Garry Dodd, with this 9th victory making him the winner of a quarter of all tournaments contested, the first taking place in 1984.

The tournament is traditionally the curtain closer of the domestic table tennis season and serves as more of a fun tournament for the members, whilst still remaining highly competitive. This is done by the usage of old style hard ‘pimple’ bats being provided to all players for use throughout the tournament. The bats also remain the same side of the table, meaning each match requires players to use both bats on the designated table. The previous scoring system of 21 points is also used and this year also saw the return of 5 serves each, with the tournament having been run with the current table tennis system of 2 serves each for a number of years. The final change from the normal game is the inclusion of the use of the 38mm ball as opposed to the current 40mm ball that is used for all local, national and international table tennis competitions. The purpose of the tournament was to take away any advantages gained by any of the numerous rubbers available for use, which are now more varied within the modern game and also to create the opportunity for any player to win an Open tournament.

Mark Kilby was a talented young table tennis player who tragically passed away in the early 1980’s. Mark’s parents Barry and Val arranged to have his table tennis bat dipped in silver and mounted as the trophy for the winner of the newly launched tournament when it was first contested in 1984. They come down to the centre each year to watch the annual event and also present the trophy at the climax of the tournament.

The event has been well supported by the Guernsey Table Tennis Association Members for the past 36 years and this season was no different with a healthy entry of 24 competitors all relishing the opportunity of trying their luck with the hard bats.

The majority of the top Island Senior players were in the draw and this included Gibraltar 2019 Island Games duo of twins Joshua Stacey and Lawrence Stacey as well as Hainsworth and Dan Collenette. All of these players managed to navigate the group stages as group winner along with regular hard bat specialist and 2016 runner-up Chas Elliott and a surprise package in the form of junior Caden Brouard. Another surprise qualifier was social league player Wendy Le Cras who managed to defeat Juliette Yeaman on her way to finishing runner-up in Group C.

Hainsworth was the most comfortable victor in the Quarter final stages, but he was given a good test by Division 2 player Steve Ozanne, with a lot of quality rallies and shots displayed by both players. Elliott was another comfortable straight sets winner over Brouard, whilst Josh Stacey overcame a close first game to get the better of fellow Division 1 player Ryan Gilson 2-0. The remaining quarter final clash was an epic encounter between Lawrence Stacey and Collenette. Stacey started strongly and his 8-0 lead in the opener gave him the breathing space required to seal it. Collenette battled back strongly and took the second 21-17, but found himself in big trouble whilst trailing 18-14 in the decider. The younger player battled back and held a match point at 20-19, but this was saved by a fortunate edge by Stacey. Collenette held his nerve here and sealed it 22-20.

Collenette is the only local player to have defeated Hainsworth with a sandpaper bat when he beat him in the final of the inaugural Mick’s Ping Pong Challenge back in February and he would have been confident again going into their semi-final clash with the hard bats. The encounter was an excellent one which contained a lot of lengthy rallies, with both players looking to get onto the offensive with their forehand strokes. Hainsworth was not to be denied on this occasion however and ultimately had too much firepower and won in straight sets.

On the adjacent table, Stacey reached the final after battling past Elliott in straight sets by the score of 21-15, 21-19.
The final was a repeat of the previous 2 seasons and Stacey, who had come agonisingly close to winning the title last year, made a terrific start with some awesome forehand winners. This enabled him to hold the lead for the majority of the first end, however from around 12-12, Hainsworth raised his game and this enabled him to take it 21-13. The second game followed a similar pattern with the scores remaining close during the early stages, however Hainsworth again raised his level and a weary Stacey fell away 21-10.

Island Games Team Announcement

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The GTTA Senior Selection Committee have selected the following players to represent Guernsey in the upcoming Island Games in Gibraltar:  

Garry Dodd
Lawrence Stacey
Joshua Sacey
Ben Foss
Dawn Morgan
Paula Le Ber
Sam Kershaw
Daisy Kershaw
Non-Playing Captain  
Alex Robinson

Team Manager  
Derek Webb

It is a team which mixes youth with experience and Guernsey will look to defend the team title in Gibraltar, having won gold at the last three Island Games in which table tennis was played - Gotland 2017, Jersey 2015 & Isle of Wight 2011.

Garry Dodd leads the charge in the men's event, playing in his 6th Games and looking to add to his 5 gold medals previously earned. Also selected are recent Island Men's Singles champion Lawrence Stacey and twin brother Joshua as well as 17-year old Ben Foss, playing in his 2nd Games after an impressive debut in Gotland.

For the women, veteran Dawn Morgan will look to set more records as she competes in her 11th Games, having so far racked up 27 medals including 7 golds. She is joined by Paula Le Ber, who has been in fine form in the league this season and is playing in her first Island Games since 2011.  The mother-daughter combination of Sam and Daisy Kershaw have also been selected, with Daisy earning an excellent silver medal in the Women's Doubles two years ago.

Development Officer

posted 6 May 2019, 04:34 by Guernsey Table Tennis Association   [ updated 6 May 2019, 08:52 ]

Table Tennis Development Officer, Otilia Badescu, has finished her contract and is leaving Guernsey.  The GTTA were unable to agree terms of a continuation contract and whilst we would have liked to retain her services for the next three years, Otilia has decided to return to the mainland to join her husband. 

The Guernsey Table Tennis Association would like to thank Otilia for the last 2 years, especially her commitment to fostering table tennis in the island and bringing on many junior and senior players with her expert knowledge and coaching ability.

The session times and structure of junior training next season are being formulated and will be communicated to all existing players and parents in due course.  For new player enquiries please contact Derek Webb on or contact us via social media. 

Divisional Championships

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Division 1  

Lawrence Stacey capped off a highly successful season by adding the Division 1 Championship title to his trophy haul.  Recently crowned as Men's Singles Island Champion and with his Whistlers B team having claimed the Division 1 title, Stacey claimed the domestic treble with victory over brother and doubles partner Josh in the final.

The top two seeds came across some stern tests along the way as Lawrence was pushed hard by top Division 2 player Jez Powell in the quarter final, nearly going 2 games down before rallying to win 7-11, 14-12, 11-7, 13-11.  The best match of the evening was between Player of the Season winner Dan Collenette and Paul Hainsworth.  Collenette made a sluggish start but fought back impressively from 2 games down to win 16-14 in the deciding end. The match between former teammates was an excellent spectacle between two open attacking payers and featured plenty of expansive topspin rallies and counter loops with neither player looking to go on the defensive.

Having performed heroics in the quarter final, the speed of Lawrence Stacey was too much for his younger opponent in the semi-final as Collenette went down 3 games to 1.  In the other semi-final, Josh Stacey survived a fightback from Over-40s champion Phil Ogier, eventually winning 13-11, 12-10, 3-11, 7-11, 11-9.  The last match was a predictably close affair between two players who have competed countless numbers of finals over the years, but it was Lawrence who took the initiative after the first two ends were shared and came out winner 13-11, 10-12, 11-8, 11-6 to claim his first Division 1 Singles title.

Division 2   

Jez Powell only lost one Division 2 league match all season and underlined his ability with a win in the final over Kay Chivers. While the seeded players all progressed through their respective groups, there were some fascinatingly close battles in the knockout rounds. Particularly impressive was 17-year old Billy Ogier, who knocked out the dangerous Steve Ozanne by 3 games to 1 and then fellow junior Callum Gilson before eventually succumbing to Powell 3-1 in the semi-final.  Earlier Gilson had claimed his own notable scalp in 4th seed Tim Le Page, with his powerful backhand attack proving too much for his opponent. In the other half of the draw, Andy Ferbrache also upset the seeding by knocking out Martin Sarre in 4 games to unexpectedly reach the semi-final.  Although he claimed one end against Chivers, the 7-time champion came through 3-1.  The final was a tense affair as both players were conservative in their shot selection in fear of making mistakes.  It was Powell who opened up more effectively though and claimed the first two games by the narrow margins of 12-10 and 11-9 before playing more expansively to win the third game 11-6 and with it the Division 2 title.


Division 3

Hot favourite Stuart Sarre was crowned as Division 3 champion though he was pushed all the way by the experience of Brian Le Cras.  There were some notable absentees on the night including league winning St Pauls B players Craig Dunning, Derek Carter and John Wills which opened up the chance for others to shine. 


Le Cras had only come runner-up in Group C after being defeated by Mick Ingrouille but recovered from this to progress through and defeat Shelby Timms 3-0. His next opponent was Ravenscroft Panthers' in-form Mark Windsor but Le Cras overcame a late fightback from Ravenscroft Panthers player to progress 11-8, 11-6, 5-11, 11-6.


Ingrouille's night came to an end at the hands of the impressive Darren Sarre, with Darren then being drawn against brother and teammate Stuart in the second semi-final, eventually losing in straight games.


Stuart Sarre continued where he left off from the semi-final and looked to be in cruise control in the final with his powerful forehand loops providing an effective source of points.  However the experienced Le Cras changed his tactics to good effect and forced a deciding end. Sarre managed to recompose himself and his attacking game came good to win the 5th end and with it the Division 3 title 11-5, 10-12, 6-11, 11-3, 11-7.

Division 4

The Division 4 tournament proved to be a battle between youth and experience as both semi-finals pitted an Island Under-13 player against opponents who have been playing for decades.  Both these matches and the final proved to be very evenly balanced as Shelby Timms continued her recent fine form with an impressive win against Val Guilbert, coming back from 2-1 down to win 11-5  in the 5th end.

On the adjacent table, Island Under-13 champion Jayden Tucknott also had a difficult opponent in the form of Rose Powell. This time it was Powell who came out on top with her excellently controlled, close to the table play proving too much for the junior. Any bookmakers would have found it hard to call the final and both players went toe-to-toe in a match with some great rallies.  However it was Timms who claimed the title in the end, with her powerful forehands proving a useful weapon with the final score being 11-8, 11-8, 9-11, 13-11.


Division 1   |   Division 2   |   Division 3   |   Division 4   

Inter Insulars 2019

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Jersey  52 - 58  Guernsey  

Guernsey retained the sought-after aggregate trophy following a full day of action at the Geoff Reed table tennis centre on Saturday. The 58-52 triumph at the FB Fields location was the first time Guernsey have clinched the aggregate on Jersey soil since 2009. The previous 2 attempts in Jersey were agonisingly lost 56-54, so it was a moment to savour for the large Guernsey contingent that made the trip across the water.
Peter Powell collects the Aggregate Trophy from JTTA President Paul Routier on behalf of the Guernsey team
(Picture courtesy JTTA)

Despite the overall aggregate win, Jersey regained the showpiece Green trophy event that they had last won in 2015 after they battled back from 4-3 down to edge it 6-4.

The absence of the best player in the Channel Islands, Garry Dodd, from the Guernsey team due to ineligibility following his relocation to the UK gave Jersey the opportunity they needed and they duly converted.

Guernsey’s team of Lawrence Stacey, Joshua Stacey and Ben Foss gave a very strong account for themselves and will feel hard done by to not come away with at least a draw. They led throughout the tie prior to the surge from the Caesareans at the end.

Lawrence made the perfect start to the night by defeating CI Men’s Singles Champion Mariusz Cieminski in 4 sets, avenging his defeat from the previous evening, before the impressive Luc Miller dispatched Foss in straight sets. Joshua got the Sarnians back in front with a 4 set win over Gosselin, before Miller produced another comprehensive performance, outgunning Lawrence in straight sets. Joshua put Guernsey in the lead for the 3rd time due to an excellent 5 set win over Cieminski, courtesy of some excellent backhand topspins.

The doubles was a crucial rubber and the Jersey duo of Miller and Cieminski edged past Lawrence and Foss 11-8 in the deciding end. Foss put Guernsey within touching distance of retaining the trophy when he earned an excellent straight sets win against Gosselin in his maiden Green outing, before Grantham College Table Tennis Academy player Miller added his 3rd consecutive straight sets win of the night over an out of sorts Joshua.

Lawrence was up next against Gosselin in a crucial encounter. Lawrence had beaten Gosselin twice during the Jersey Open which took place the previous weekend, however the Jerseyman fired himself up and battled back strongly from losing the opening end to narrowly edge through.

Foss gave his best efforts in the final rubber against Cieminski, however he went down 11-9 in the 4th set of a very closely contested encounter.

Guernsey’s aggregate success from the entire day was attributable largely to the excellent effort of the Senior players. Of the 60 points available from these events (including the Green), Guernsey took a whopping 45 of them.

The Women’s Margaret trophy was a particular highlight as a crushing 9-1 win was obtained. Dawn Morgan and Kay Chivers both excelled and won all of their matches against Kay Lefebvre, Irene Bree and Kathryn Silcock, whilst Paula Le Ber overcame Silcock on top of earning her first ever win against Lefebvre in 5 sets. She was unfortunate to miss out in 5 sets to Bree, despite coming back from 2-0 down to force a deciding end.

Over 60’s earned themselves a matching 9-1 win as the team of Chivers, Chas Elliott and Keith Opie overcame the Jersey side of Lefebvre, Paul Routier and Mick Molyneux.

The Over 50’s side of Mark Pipet, Andy Gill and Tim Le Page went one better with a 10-0 whitewash over Eugene Ellis, Rob Blackmore and Mark Liron, however star player Ellis was unfortunately required to retire from his matches after tearing his calf muscle during his opening match whilst leading 2-0 against Gill.

The Over 40’s side of Phil Ogier, Jez Powell and Gill came through 7-3 against Ellis, Mario Martinka and Blackmore. Powell starred on this occasion as he won all his matches which included a superb 3-1 win against Ellis.

Finally on the Senior side, the Under 21 squad of Ryan Bichard, Dan Collenette and Matthew Casey earned a hard fought 6-4 win against the Jersey team of Miller, Alfie Sutherland and Thomas Cotillard. Miller proved ruthless once more with an unbeaten match which gave Jersey the 4 rubbers, however the Guernsey trio all powered past Sutherland and Cotillard to make sure of the win.

The Under 11 and Under 13 Open events were dominated by Jersey and won 9-1, however there were still some strong performances from the Guernsey players including a solid win for Shelby Timms in the Under 13 level and Jayden Tucknott, who earned the Junior player of the weekend award from the JTTA.

The Under 15’s of Ben Sharp, Caden Brouard and James Crocker were very unfortunate to miss out 6-4 in a match where Caden Brouard won twice, Ben Sharp once and an impressive doubles win for the duo against Leon Pierre and Max Roche. James Crocker came so close to defeating Noah Risby, but he failed to convert on 4 x match points whilst leading 2-0 and 10-6, with Risby battling back to win in 5 sets.

The Under 18 Girls squad of Alderney players Marli Barker, Amy Wesley and Melissa Johns were also narrowly edged out 6-4, whilst the Under 18 Boys of Foss, Collenette and Casey lost 7-3 to a Jersey team inspired by another Miller master class and supported well by Pierre and Sutherland.

The Green trophy may have been lost, however Guernsey will see the welcome return of Dodd for the Island Games in Gibraltar where they look to defend their Gold medal won in Gotland, whilst Jersey too will be strengthened by the inclusion of Jordan Wykes.

Further photos (courtesy of JTTA)

CI Championships 2019

posted 30 Apr 2019, 13:03 by Guernsey Table Tennis Association   [ updated 30 Apr 2019, 13:41 ]

Jersey came away with more individual CI table tennis titles than Guernsey for the first time since 2015 when action concluded on Friday evening at the Geoff Reed table tennis centre in Jersey. 
Jersey took 13 of the 20 titles on offer, however the Sarnians managed to walk away with 3 of the 5 flagship trophies on the night.

Prolific CI title winner Dawn Morgan was responsible for all 3 of these crowns as she walked away with the Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles crowns as well as adding a 4th title on the night in the Women’s Veterans Singles.

Her victories in the main blue riband events were all fairly comfortable. She breezed past Irene Bree in straight sets to clinch her 18th CI Women’s Singles title and alongside Kay Chivers romped to a 4-0 win over Bree and Kay Lefebvre, also her 18th title in this category and 6th alongside Chivers.            Dawn Morgan and Josh Stacey claimed the Mixed Doubles title

The mixed doubles crown was clinched alongside Joshua Stacey where the duo defeated Lefebvre and Tyler Gosselin in 6 sets. This too was her 18th title in this category.

The Women’s Veterans clash against Lefebvre however was an extremely tough match and Morgan needed to be at her best to overturn a 3-0 deficit before winning 11-9 in the 7th and deciding leg.

There was disappointment in the 2 x blue riband men’s events as Jersey took both of the titles. Lawrence Stacey and twin Josh lost out in a tight 6 set Men’s Doubles clash to Mariusz Cieminski and Gosselin, whilst Cieminski battled past Lawrence by the same score in the Men’s Singles. Stacey trailed 3-0 and did well to battle back to 3-2 before going down in the 6th. He will rue missed chances, particularly the 3rd end when he held a few game points.

Phil Ogier has been another regular CI title winner and he added another Veterans Open Doubles crown to his collection alongside Jez Powell. The duo won their 6th consecutive title at this level when they overcame Eugene Ellis and Mario Martinka in straight sets. He had no answer to Ellis in the Veteran’s Open Singles on this occasion as Ellis powered through 4-1 in an impressive display of attacking table tennis.

The penultimate title won by Guernsey was in the Under 18 Boys singles as Ben Foss battled past Leon Pierre over 6 sets. Foss was unable to add to his tally on the night though, as he lost out to Pierre 4-1 in the Under 21 Open Singles and Pierre was again his nemesis in the Under 18 Open Doubles, where a 4-1 defeat was inflicted alongside Matthew Casey by Pierre and Alfie Sutherland.

The 7th and final title claimed by Guernsey was by Paul Hainsworth in the Restricted Open Singles. The tournament is open to players aged between 21 and 40 with the caveat that entrants have not played in the Green trophy Inter-Insular clash within the past 2 years. Since inception of the CI trophy back in 2016, it has been won by a player that had actually played in the Green event the same year. Olly Langlois claimed it in 2016, whilst Cieminski and Gregorz Frankowski each overcame Hainsworth in the previous 2 years. The trend was broken this year as Hainsworth was only a reserve for the Green. He defeated Jersey’s own Green reserve and Gibraltar 2019 Island Games team member Jack Mills 4-0 to clinch the title.

Keith Opie came the closest to making it 8 titles for the visitors as he narrowly lost out 4-3 to JTTA president Paul Routier in the Over 70’s Open Singles final.

League Presentations

posted 20 Apr 2019, 08:15 by Guernsey Table Tennis Association   [ updated 21 Apr 2019, 06:42 ]

The Doric Insurance leagues have now come to a conclusion, with the annual presentation evenings being held this week.  Congratulations to all the prize winners!
For the full photo gallery, visit our Flickr sitephotos courtesy of Mark Windsor & Peter Vivian

Division 1 
Winners:  Whistlers B (Lawrence Stacey, Matthew Casey, Ryan Gilson)
Runners-up Lions A (Ben Foss, Ryan Bichard, Jamie Ferbrache)
Averages winner Lawrence Stacey
Runner-up Josh Stacey
Players' Player of the Year Dan Collenette

Division 2 
Winners:  Lions D (Tim Le Page, Carl Le Tissier, Steve Ozanne
Runners-up Whistlers D (Kay Chivers, Keith Opie, Ben Sharp)
Averages winner Jez Powell
Runner-up Kay Chivers
Players' Player of the Year Paula Le Ber

Division 3
Winners:  St Pauls B (Craig Dunning, Brian Le Cras, Derek Carter, John Wills)
Runners-up Ravenscroft Panthers D (Mick Ingrouille, Mark Windsor, Rob Vile)
Averages winner Craig Dunning
Runner-up Stuart Sarre
Players' Player of the Year Oscar Pearson

Division 4
Winners:  Whistlers I (Max Burrows, Andy Le Page, Joe Le Page)
Runners-up Lions K (Val Guilbert, Diane Le Page, James Le Tissier)
Averages winner Max Burrows
Runner-up Jayden Tucknott
Players' Player of the Year Max Burrows

Division 1 winners - Whistlers B

Division 2 winners - Lions D

Division 3 winners - St Pauls A

Division 4 winners - Whistlers I

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