Islands Championships Day 8

posted 20 Apr 2018, 15:47 by The GTTA

Mens Doubles

Top seeds Josh Stacey and Lawrence Stacey were defeated at the semi-final stage by fourth seeds Phil Ogier and Jez Powell on the penultimate day of the 2018 island championships. The match went the full distance, the score in the seventh end was 13-11 in favour of Ogier and Powell.
Second seeds Garry Dodd and Adam Langlois made their way to the final without conceded an end.

Womens Doubles

Top seeds Kay Chivers and Dawn Morgan defeated Sue Ferbrache and Sophie Ferbrache 4-0 in their semi-final match. Lynn Finn and Juliette Yeaman defeated second seeds Paula Le Ber and Sam Kershaw 11-6 in the seventh end in the other semi-final.

Islands Championships Day 7

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Dan Collenette
Under 18 Mens Singles

Third seed Dan Collenette (pictured) will face number one seed Ben Foss in the final after beating unseeded Corey Brouard in their semi-final. Brouard had an impressive 4-0 victory over second seed Ryan Bichard in the quarter-final.  Foss defeated fourth seed Matt Casey 4-1 in the other semi-final.

Under 18 Doubles

Top Seeds Ben Foss and Ryan Bicahrd made in through to the final by defeating Caden Brouard and Ben sharp 4-0 in the semi-final.  Their opponents will Dan Collenette and Billy Ogier who made it through to the final without dropping an end.

Island Championships Day 6

posted 19 Apr 2018, 01:24 by The GTTA

Mixed Doubles

Top seeds Garry Dodd and Paula Le Ber will meet second seed Josh Stacey (pictured) and Dawn Morgan in the final this Saturday.  Dodd and Le Ber defeated Phil Ogier and Sam Kershaw in their semi-final match 4-0.  Stacey and Morgan also had a 4-0 win over Lawrence Stacey and Charlotte Casey in the other semi-final.

British League 2017-18 Season

posted 18 Apr 2018, 05:25 by The GTTA   [ updated 20 Apr 2018, 06:11 ]

Ravenscroft 1 did tremendously well to win the National A-1 division.  They clinched the title in the final match against Second placed Cardiff City II last Sunday.  Ravenscroft 1 will compete in the Championship Division next season (which is the next league down from the Premier League).

Ravenscroft II had a difficault this year, finishing bottom of the National B-4 table. Press report >>

Island Championships Day 5

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Womens Singles

Top seed Kay Chivers (pictured) will meet second seed Charlotte Casey in the final.  Chivers inflicted a 4-0 defeat on Sue Ferbrache in their semi-final match.  Casey defeated Paula Le Ber 4-2 in the other semi-final.

Mens Singles

Top seed Garry Dodd will meet third seed Lawrence Stacey in the final.  Dodd inflicted a 4-0 defeat on fouth seed Ben Foss in their semi-final match.  Stacey defeated brother Josh Stacey 4-2 in the other semi-final.

Restricted Singles

Top seed Paul Hainsworth will meet unseeded Steve Ozanne in the final.  Hainsworth defeated Liam Robilliard 4-1 in their semi-final match.  Ozanne defeated second seed Jamie Ferbrache  4-2 in the other semi-final.

Island Championships Day 4

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Ryan Bichard

Under 21 Singles

Ben Foss (Seeded 1) defeated Matthew Casey 4-2 in his semi-final when he will face a challenge from third seed Ryan Bichard (pictured).  Bichard was victorious in the other semi-final against second seed Daniel Collenette, by a scoreline of 4-2.

Veterans Singles (over 40)

Top seed Phil Ogier made it through to the final without any problems. He defeated unseeded Martin Sarre 4-0 in his semi-final match. Sarre knocked out fourth seed Andy Gill in the first round 4-3.  Jez Powell (seeded 3) came through the other semi-final courtesy of a 4-2 victory over second seed Mark Pipet.

Island Championships Day 3

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Mark Pipet
Over 50's Singles

Holder and number 1 seed Mark Pipet (pictured) made it to the final after he met Tim Le Page in his semi-final match (winning the close match 4-2). Kay Chivers (seeded 3) battled back from 3-2 down to claim her place in the final after a hard fought victory over second seed Andy Gill.

Veterans Doubles

Top seeds Phil Ogier and Jez Powell will meet third seeds Martin Sarre & Dawn Morgan in the final.  Ogier and Powell obtained a 4-0 victory over Keith Opie and Kay Chivers. Sarre and Morgan defeated unseeded Andy Gill and Ian Le Page 4-0 who surprisingly beat second seeds Mark Pipet and Tim Le Page 4-2 in the previous round.

Island Championships Day 2

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Zaheer Anees

Under 11 Singles

Number one seed Zaheer Anees (pictured) will meet second seed Jamie Regan in the final after defeating Freddie Upham 4-0 in his semi-final.  Regan gained a 4-0 victory over Sarah Raines in the other semi-final.

Under 13 Singles

Number one seed Ben Sharp will meet second seed James Crocker in the final after defeating Jayden Tucknott 4-0 in his semi-final.  Crocker gained a 4-0 victory over Evan Lesbirel in the other semi-final.

Under 15 Girls singles

Number one seed Amy Wesley will meet second seed Melissa Johns in the final after defeating Tia Timms 4-2 in her semi-final.  Johns gained a 4-0 victory over Shelby Timms in the other semi-final.

Under 15 boys singles

Number one seed Corey Brouard will meet second seed Caden Brouard in the final after defeating Ben Sharp 4-3 in his semi-final.  Caden gained a 4-1 victory over James Crocker in the other semi-final.

Under 18 Girls Singles

Number one seed Marli Barker will meet second seed Amy Wesley in the final after defeating Shelby Tims 4-0 in her semi-final.  Wesley gained a 4-1 victory over Tia Timms in the other semi-final.

Island Championships Day 1

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Ian FitchetOver 70's Singles

Holder Ian Fitchet (pictured) will meet Keith Opie on finals night following his 7 victory in the semi-final over Maurice James 9, 10, -4, -10, -10, 2, 9. Opie defeated George Eker in the other semi-final 4-1.

Over 60's Singles

Mark Pipet will defend his crown against Chas Elliott in the final.  Pipet defeated Derek Webb 4-1 in his semi-final and Elliott obtained a 4-1 victory over Ian Fitchet in the other semi-final.

League Presentations

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The GTTA senior leagues came to a conclusion this week, culminating with the annual league presentation evenings. 
Thanks go to Mark Windsor and Peter Vivian for the photos

The award winners were:

Division 1
Winners: Lions A (Ben Foss, Paul Hainsworth, Dan Collenette)
Runners-up: Whistlers A (Garry Dodd, Mark Pipet, Martin Sarre)

Averages winner: Garry Dodd
Runner-up: Ben Foss

Players' Player of the Year: Jamie Ferbrache

Division 2
Winners: Whistlers D (Kay Chivers, Keith Opie, Ellis Tomlin)
Runners-up: Lions E (Jez Powell, Corey Brouard, Caden Brouard)

Averages winner: Jez Powell
Runner-up: Kay Chivers

Players' Player of the Year: Billy Ogier

Division 3
Winners: St Pauls B (Brian Le Cras, John Wills, Brian Le Cras, Craig Dunning)
Runners-up: Ravenscroft Panthers D (Mick Ingrouille, Mark Windsor, Nick Windsor, David Kershaw )

Averages winner: Ben Sharp
Runner-up: Craig Dunning

Players' Player of the Year: Ben Sharp

Division 4
Winners: Lions L (Jan Priest, Rose Powell, Evan Lesbirel)
Runners-up: Lions K  (Diane Le Page, James Le Tissier, Val Guilbert)

Averages winner: Jan Priest
Runner-up: Sammy Tostevin 

Players' Player of the Year: Evan Lesbirel

Lions K

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